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I hired Moklesur Rahman to fix the formatting on a large 200 page site built with Divi. The site was over 10 years old and the content did not have a clear direction. He recommended recoding everything Oxygen Builder instead of trying to fix everything with Divi. I couldn't be happier with the choice. I'm blown away with how Moklesur handled the rebuild and how easy Oxygen is to work with now. He created a template system with Oxygen that makes everything fit together perfectly and makes creating new posts and pages easier than I thought possible. The guy has an educated answer for every problem and question I had about the process. I am very impressed with his level of expertise in web design and with Oxygen as the best tool for the job. Instead of using plugins to do things he just created what we needed with Oxygen! He is friendly and knowledgeable and I can't recommend the guy enough.

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